• what is INTEGRATIVE HEALTH profile?

    Comprehensive Health Transformation System

    Scientific Research & Clinical Experience

    Designed by Eoin Lacey and Dr. Eric Serrano, MD

    Integrative Health Profile (IHP), formerly Nutritional Medicine Profile, marries the core components of body composition markers and hormones with the latest advancements in scientific research, Functional Medicine, sports nutrition and a combine 50+ years of clinical experience.


    The goal of this innovative program is to enable you to assess, interview, examine and educate every client, athlete or patient to peak wellness, health and performance. We can achieve this by bridging the gap of nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and exercise.


    We all fundamentally function in a specific way and IHP gives you the ability to identify areas of opportunity to help your clients.

    Client Assessments

    A Complete Look

    To determine a client's area of improvement to reach their health goals, you will need to look at a variety of different factors. The course will teach you the five IHP assessments to determine a client's profile so you can start getting results. The assessments include:

    • Client Questionnaire
    • Body Composition Markers (body fat, lean body mass, waist to hip ratio)
    • Blood Glucose
    • Non-invasive Physical Markers
    • Client Interview
    The assessments will help determine the client's area of opportunity in one of these profiles:
    • Adrenal
    • Thyroid
    • Blood Sugar
    • Detoxification
    • Gut

    Integrative Health Profile Course

    Student-focused Learning Experience

    You will be taught some of the most comprehensive material in the industry with a focus of the information that matters and information you can understand and is usable when you return to your clients. To ensure retention and understanding, after each presentation section, you have course tasks to complete.


    Through the three days you will learn:

    • Interviewing & Client Intake Skills
    • The Five IHP Profiles
    • Profile Endocrinology (function, location, associated hormones, controllable factors)
    • How each Profile is linked to the Client Questionnaire and Physical Markers
    • Blood sugar testing methods and interpretations
    • Lifestyle intervention
    • Nutrition recommendations
    • Training recommendation
    • Supplement recommendations
    • Monitoring your clients
    • Next steps as a Integrative Health Coach

    Benefits of Becoming Certified

    After the Course You Become an Integrative Health Coach (ICANS-IHC)

    Once you attend and successfully complete the three day course you will have access to the following benefits:


    • IHP supplement account of Innovative Performance Sciences' Professional Line and Poliquin Group
    • ICANS Software for free as long as you are actively certified

    Working Your Way To The Top

    Advanced Modules

    There are no current recertification requirements for maintaining your ICANS-IHP status. We are developing advanced modules that will count towards your CEU requirements and help you progress through the Integrative Health Program.

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