Innovative Nutrition & Strength Education

  • Our vision

    We are developing professionals to be the front line of support for those trying to improve their health or fitness. Achieving wellness is an individual journey and we are providing our students with the framework and ability to cater to all types of clientele.

    Industry Innovation

    Clinical Experience With The Latest Research

    We are committed to innovating with a growth mindset in order to provide education and unique supplement formulas that include the latest in supported scientific research and proven clinical results.

    Coaching Development

    Developing Professionals to Achieve Results


    We teach our students skills to work with their clients to improve compliance achieve their goals.



  • Meet Our TEAM

    Our team combines experience in business, strength, nutrition and medicine. They each have passion for educating professionals who touch the lives of clients and athletes who want to live a more healthy life.

    Caroleen Jones

    Chief Executive Officer


    Caroleen has over 30 years experience in corporate training and business operations in marketing. Her resume includes Hasbro and Raytheon.


    In 2006, Caroleen began running operations for Poliquin Group out of the living room of her own home. She still continues to hold the position as CEO and Owner.


    Eoin Lacey

    Director of Education & Development


    Since 1996 Eoin he has had the huge fortune to work along side the industry best expert and the leading companies in the world. To date Eoin's main profession is divided into 4 areas: Corporate Wellness, Professional Speaking and Education, Strength and Conditioning and Nutritional Medicine.

    Back in 2004, Eoin co-founded the Irish Strength Institute in Dublin, Ireland.


    Dr. Eric Serrano, MD

    Chief Medical Officer


    Dr. Serrano is a practicing physician in Pickerington, OH. He holds three degrees: a B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Kinesiology along with his Medical Degree. He brings over 30 years of clinical and medical experience. Dr. Serrano has many areas of expertise including supplementation, formulation rehabilition, and is considered one of the country's leading doctors in sports nutrition.


  • ICANS Education programs

    Student-centric. Client Focused.

    What Sets ICANS Apart

    As professionals in health and fitness it is more likely than not that you see your clients more than than they see their doctor. For this reason, it is essential you can bridge the gap with scientifically validated methods to help clients reach their peak health.

    • In each ICANS course you attend, the focus will be educating you with information that can be applied with your clients
    • There is no exact formula for getting results for everyone.  What we teach you is the framework that will allow you to individualize nutrition, training, supplement and lifestyle interventions that are in line with your clients' goals.
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