• trainer mentorship program

  • First of Its Kind

    With the ever-increasing demands placed on trainers and coaches in today’s society of education, evolution is a parameter for continued success. During this comprehensive program, you will not only learn a vast amount of information on training, nutrition, rehabilitation, stretching, programming, coaching, fat loss, hypertrophy, fitness and energy system, but our community- and student-focused modules allow you to progress and reach new heights of success with the help of your fellow classmates and course instructor.


    For any seasoned trainer or coach wishing to take their knowledge to the next level or any new trainer looking to start off ahead of the rest, the Trainer Mentorship Program is one you will benefit from.

    Achieving Your Certification

    To become an ICANS Certified Trainer (ICANS-CT), you must complete all five modules. When you register for a course, you are registering for all four core modules, then you will choose the location and topic (Fat Loss or Hypertrophy) of your fifth module. The reason for the select location of Module 5 is that we want to give you the chance to meet other coaches that have been going through the mentorship program from the around the world, at the same time as you to build a positive community of trainers and coaches.

    Course Availability Coming Soon

  • Trainer mentorship modules

    Module 1

    Program Essentials & Tissue Health


    Module 2

    Functional Anatomy & Exercise Technique

    Module 3

    Coaching Essentials for Group Training &

    Energy System Training

    Module 4

    Modified Strongman Training &

    Real World Periodization

    Module 5

    2-day Essentials Workshop

      Fat Loss or Hypertrophy

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